I will be your freelance worker per hour

be your freelance worker per hour

About This Gig

I will complete the following projects in the shortest period of time.No need waiting for a whole day or complete 24hrs to get your projects done.

#Check your document or letter for grammer or spelling errors up to 1000 words in just 2hrs

#Translation of emails, letters, resume, banner or any other small file or document in just 2hrs or less.

#Creation of slides or presentation in powerpoint in just 2hrs or less.

#Add spintax to article of not more than 500 words in just 2hrs.

#Do a quick and short research or fact finding in just 2hrs or less.

#Type out words from a scanned document or letter in just 2hrs or less.

#Do a website/blog SEO & market analysis to increase conversion rate in just 2hrs.

#Convert your files from any format to any format in just 2hrs or less...

For other quick jobs or short projects not listed above, Please be in contact as there are LOTS of custom offer available customised to meet your needs, budget and demand.

Should you need any of this service(s), PLEASE CONTACT ME FIRST.

Clicking on the Order Now Button without contacting may result in order cancellation.

Thanks for taking your time to read this, Hope you will be in contact.