I will write feel good stories for boys

write feel good stories for boys
write feel good stories for boys

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Description A Short Box of Smiles. A Deeper Adventure. The Ultimate Hug.
  5pg story approximately 2k words. Can begin a series. 10pg story approximately 4k words. 20pg story approximately 8k words.
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About This Gig

Freelance writer seeking to create warm, happy stories for men of all ages. Men need stories that feature gentle, sensitive male characters, since there's a constant stream of macho, invincible heroes.

  • Characters can be of any orientation.
  • Romance between characters of different orientations is encouraged.
  • Nothing too dark or gory, as these are meant to be feel good stories.
  • Stories can be set in modern times or fantasy lands.

Writing Sample:

Warmth flooded every crevice of his body. Finally. He was finally home. No longer was he trapped in a realm of emptiness, loneliness, emotions he would've carved his heart out to erase. If someone told him he could erase those memories by cutting out his heart with a butter knife, he'd do it. Anything to get rid of them. But he was finally home. Home.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I order Express shipping with Gig Extras?
    I'm really happy about you taking such an interest in my work, but please don't! Ordering Gig Extras and Express shipping might endanger on-time shipping! :(
  • What rating can the story be?
    As these are meant to be feel good stories, please make sure the story is no higher than PG-13. :)
  • Do you have any other writing samples?
    I most certainly do. :) Just let me know you'd like to see them, and I'll send you some!