I will publish your own money making website for $5

/ 3 Days On Average

About This Gig

Publish your own Traffic Exchange Website at just $5.

For further References : I call this Website : Traffie.

Why Special ?

  • A normal website requires 200% work to be even recognized in Tech World. Traffie : 0% work, it's a fully loop platform where users use and buyer buy.  and while developing is 0%, You can concentrate only on Marketing. Which is a huge relief.

  • Traffie is best of it's kind : 2 Types of Advertising. Many advantages over other Traffic Exchange Programs. No errors and cheat can be used against it.

  • Traffie is a money making machine, Proof attached in Screen Shot.

  • Traffie also increases video views, which is not available in other programs. (users point of view).

You Get :

  • Full Website Script with CSS (Mobile Ready).
  • Paypal gateway script.
  • Admin Control Panel.

Required :

A normal Website Hosting Server. cost you $20 for an year.

Who can Buy ?

People who started using internet for just a day can also buy. Because, it's Easy.

What Should you Buy ?

Tech Savvy : $5.
Others : $5 for normal Gig + $5 for Fast Delivery + $10 for Server upload (paypal changes + full tutorial + Life time Backup) + $10 for database management. Total of $30.

Note : Buyers can edit but not sell the script.