I will provide learning wordpress tutorials to make amazing website

provide learning wordpress tutorials to make amazing website

About This Gig

Looking for Amazing tutorials which helps you to make responsive Website.

Are you unhappy that your webdesigner give you?


Are you tired for paying someone else to maintain your website?

These videos helps you to learn how to create and maintain your WordPress site on your own basis.

Course description:-

Designed to teach how to use wordpress to build amazing and professional websites. I believe that the best way to learn is doing and that is what we will do.

This course under the assumption that the person knows nothing about WordPress or building Websites for that matter.

Here is a list of some of thing you will learn in this course:-

  • Buy, and pick a good domain name and hosting.
  • Point your DNS to the correct hosting account.
  • Easiest way to install WordPress on your URL & Build entire site Step by step.
  • Use plugins and widgets.
  • Integrate social aspects into your site.
  • Integrate our twitter and instagram feeds into your Websites.
  • Setup your emails using our Hostgator account and link to our Gmail account.
  • Implements Live Chat into our site.
I will give you guys some pointers on how to get started as a WordPress developer and how to make money starting out.