I will manage your social media

manage your social media

About This Gig

Hello. This gig is about managing a social media page.

According to this gig i will manage your social media page. (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, orInstagram).
I can work on daily or weekly basis, its up to you to decide.
I can ask amount like for per post or per day or maybe for per week. We can decide that later. 
Things i will be doing while managing your page
1. Replying people comments.
2. Replying people messages.
3. Provide likes.
4. Posting  stuff.
5. Sharing stuff(if you want).
6. Promoting page.

These are the things i will be focusing on. If you want something else please let me know and it will be done.
If you are interested Please contact/inbox me first before sending me any custom offer so that we can discuss work.
Thank you!

Order Details

1 day delivery 1 Revision

Its my standerd package.

I will manage your social media.

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