I will give you the Million Dollar Store Coaching Program

give you the Million Dollar Store Coaching Program

About This Gig

2Gigs = 2Gigs + 1 Free Gig
3Gigs = 3Gigs + 2 Free Gigs

  • Week 1 - Strategy and Planning

    We cover the foundation of our new business.  See everything it takes to set yourself up for a successful 7 figure brand.

  • Week 3 - Multiplying Our Traffic

    Time to scale up and out.  We will deep dive into our strategy for bringing in other traffic resources, scaling out our current ads, and agressively going for that 6 figures in the month

  • Week 5 - Outsourcing Your Business

    We will be building our team out this entire time, but in this week we will focus on the process involved in it.  Learn how to outsource everything from customer service to your ads.  Expaning to 7 figures can't be done alone.

  • Week 2 - Product Catalog Strategy

    What products get put into a 7 figure brand? We don't load our stores with just anything. This is key for maximizing your current customers and future customers.

  • Week 4 - Event & Trend Opportunties

    Learn how to maximize sales during special events or trends in your niche.  Q4 is packed with these opportunities and we will show you how we plan to capitiliza 

  • Week 6 - Brand Building

    The biggest Shopify stores online have one thing in common... they have a brand.  ...