I will help You Build Your PC

help You Build Your PC

About This Gig

I Can help you with all aspects of building/assembling a computer for gaming, work or server use.

The benfits of building it yourself?

Knowing the intended use of the computer and selecting parts that are well suited or designed for that intended use will not only save you money, but will also increase the performance you get for your money.

Even if you have never built a computer berfore with a little guidance and consulting you could build your own machine, allowing you not only to save money for better performance like mentioned before but you also get to choose the asthetics that better suite you prefrences ( i.e You might want a PC that is matt black with Purple LED fans or perhaps a small compact stylish looking PC) when your building it, Its up to you, Also you get to decide things like the number of USB ports and where they are located.

What does this Gig include?

This service is to help you;

1. give you experienced advice on what computer componets will best suite what you need your computer to do.

2. Help you determine if the componets you want  will be compatiable with exsisting hardware.

3.To guide and instruct you on how to build a computer with your selected parts.

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1 day delivery

I Will help you Build your PC

I will give you expert advice on how to build/pick parts for your Gaming, Work or Personal Computer