I will help You Understand The Threat Of Hackers To You

help You Understand The Threat Of Hackers To You

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Think you could pick a Hacker out of a crowd? The nerdy looking 13 year old wearing a 4Chan t-shirt right? Think again 2016 brings with it a whole new genration of criminal orginasations focused on stealing the information and identitys of everyday unsuspecting people, and now your data is at risk of theft more then ever before, and not just from a bunch of keyboard warriors or trolls  but from highly organised criminal syndicates across parts of asia, russia and eastern europe what these syndicates aim to do is expansive but commonly consist of turning your computer into a slave to act on their behalf and carry out more illegal acts to stealing your private information so they can blackmail you for cash or just simple pretend to be you and destroy your life. The point is your digital information is no longer safe, and it isn't all as digital as you think with attack's such as social engineering, and attack's like MITM or war driving you may be completely oblivious to any intrusions or theft of your credentials. To learn how to detect these intrusions and more importantly DEFEND against them please order this all inclusive standard consultancy pack.

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Expert Consultancy, including specialiased insight into the world of malicious and orgnaised hacking