I will professionally write killer FUND raising letter

professionally write killer FUND raising letter

About This Gig

Seeking for a great fund raising letter?
Search no further...

Now you have the chance to engage the service of a great copy and script writer for a tiny sum of $5. Exclusively on fiverr

It is a tough challenge to get donors to support or sponsor your projects in the midst of several fundraising letters seeking attention. You have to really stand out to get donors

That is where we come in. We have over 8 years experience in professional copy writing working with and for several organizations

We will write a one-page fundraising letter of about 250 words for your organization. We will incorporate your vision, mission, goal(s), and/or story into the letter. we will use humor where necessary, add creativity, and research facts to connect with your potential donors.

Why you need a perfect fundraising letter

A fundraising letter is one of the most critical communications that you will send to a current or potential donor. It needs to articulate the value of your mission, explain why your programs are worthy of support, who will benefit from the donation and in what ways they will benefit.

When it comes to fundraising letters, I know what work and what don't, Order my gig let me help you