I will do foley for your indie film

do foley for your indie film
do foley for your indie film

About This Gig

I am here, exclusively on Fiverr, especially to help fellow filmmakers.
I know how it is to create on a tight budget so that’s why I am offering this here. Check my gigs. It might help:
  • http://www.fiverr.com/productionmark

I don't work week-ends :)

My gigs are designed to help the indie filmmakers with:
  • film title and tagline
  • Neflix style description
  • clean and boost audio files
  • remove reverb/echo from audio files
  • record foley
  • record ADR
  • tide up and improve the audio visual
  • film trailer
  • media kit
  • professional poster
  • youtube channel branding
  • constructive review
  • professional closing credits
  • upgrade and update logo
  • unique logo reveal
  • parallax videos for documentaries

Sometimes you need to add sounds to your film so you make the scenes feel more real and this is where you need to do foley, to record the sounds of the actions you see on screen in studio.
This will bring more production value to your indie film.

The base gig gets you foley for one minute of film.