I will manually create 30 WEB 2,0 accounts on high pr websites

manually create 30 WEB 2,0 accounts on high pr websites

About This Gig

I’ll manually create accounts/blogs on 30 different High Authority Web 2.0 sites. In the current era of SEO, majority of expert marketers rely on getting web 2,0 properties. The reason is that you have full control over these sites because you’ve created them. In addition, dilute your anchor text tags to look more natural to Google. The main reason why so many people get backlinks from web 2.0 blogs/sites these days is that they can use keywords and articles of their choice and no one will reject linking to them.


Advantages of Web 2 0:


·        Increase in traffic


·        Link Diversity


·        Better Ranking


·        Speed up your SEO campaign


·        Manually make 30 web 2,0 properties to look more natural to Google


·        Diluting your Anchors (creating natural looking profiles)


·        Rank for Competitive Keywords


·        Contextual linking and anchors of your desire


·        Full control over your web 2 0 site/blog


·        Making a site or blog of your custom design and your desired Niche (your design, template, logo, content)


Receive Detailed Report at the end of the order!