I will promote Your Message to RESPONSIVE Chinese, Asian People on Facebook

promote Your Message to RESPONSIVE Chinese, Asian People on Facebook
promote Your Message to RESPONSIVE Chinese, Asian People on Facebook
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About This Gig


Explore this FANTASTIC opportunity to promote your link or website to people in China, Japan and parts of Asia via ACTIVE  REAL FACEBOOK people.

Discover real market potentials from professional in china and some NOTABLE ASIAN countries. Over 500,000  Facebook Group members awaiting your message.

Be sure 
your message hit the EYE-BALLS of about 500,000 real people. Explore Asian Market for your business like China,Indonesia, India, Bangladesh, Japan, Taiwan,Thailand, Korea, Hong Kong e.t.c.  
They are business people, professionals, college students ,and real-time entrepreneurs in China and Asia.

Here are Benefits:

- Massive publicity exposure
- Responsive turn-around 
- Increase traffic to your link or website.
- Favorable disposition for your products
- Increased Brand recognition and endorsement
- Boost the visibility for your products/services 
We shall give screen shot proofs of shared links as evidence. 

Order now to derive ultimate exposure .
Please: NO PORNO, VIOLENT, ILLEGAL, Gambling,Alcohol or wild message.
We can't guarantee clicks, we can't force them, we can only persuade. It depends on members final decision.

Order Details

2 days delivery

promote Your Link to in China

Advertise Your Message to Real Active Chinese, Asian People on Facebook

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who are your targets?
    They are mainly from China, India, Philippines, Taiwan, Bangladesh, Korea, japan and Notable Asian countries. But about 60 % from China and the rest percentage covers other Asian countries.
  • Are you sure i will get patronage and sales when i place order for this gig?
    We are very certain you get patronage, But, we also can't guarantee number of clicks & sales because it depend on member's final decision, we can't force them,we can only promote and persuade. We plead for your understanding before you order.
  • How many Affiliate links can i send per order?
    Thanks, this is a good question. Yes, you can only attach ONE Affiliate link per order with this gig. We also suggest buyers do a proper viability test (i.e ensure link can open) of their links before placing an order on FIVERR. Cheers.