I will create a d3 js animation with your data

create a d3 js animation with your data

About This Gig

Data Driven Documents is a JavaScript library for manipulating documents based on data. D3 JS is a powerful library to show case data in various wonderful visualizations that are eye pleasing and thirst quenching not only for data lovers but also the laymen. Just look at the tons of examples at on the d3 js site and you will understand.

If you are quite not satisfied with the current range of tools that visualize your data, then this gig is for you.
If you are looking to add some interactivity to your visualizations, then this gig is for you.

From simple graphs to complex relationship maps, D3 JS is the right library to visualize data and to keep changing it dynamically.

The visualizations also work with latest mobile browsers and can be embedded on your blog or web page quite easily.

I can work with any of the examples you find in the examples gallery or any where on the web. I am up for challenges.

Please message me before placing an order to discuss your requirement. I am quite friendly and shall respond to your request as soon as possible.