I will help you ace coding interviews

help you ace coding interviews

About This Gig

Preparing for coding interviews is tough. With the wide array of topics, it can be quite hard to figure out where to start. I will give you the kickstart you have been wanting for the last few months.

I will provide you a plan depending on your needs and background and your time line. I will also prepare you with the right questions testing your understanding on each topic. I will do pair programming with you online and an interview. 

Some times, you need a little motivation and right perspective before attending interviews. It might not be related to code at all. A small change in perspective goes a long way.

Along with in-depth review of concepts, I will also cover all interview questions related to data structures. 

I have prepared by self study and honed my skills by attending several interviews and by eventually cracking them. Take your plan of moving to a better company from the back burner and put it in the front seat by ordering this gig. I will reply to all your queries in full detail.

No pain, no gain. Feel free to message me if you feel like talking.