I will help you get up to speed on codechef/hackerrank/interviewstreet

help you get up to speed on codechef/hackerrank/interviewstreet

About This Gig

Beginning on programming challenges can be quite frustrating.

To be good at solving challenges, you need to understand several concepts:
  • Mathematics
  • Programming Language
  • The problem
  • Algorithm
  • Technique
and it is not easy to get all the things correct at once. You need to understand the importance of algorithms. You also need to understand few basic mathematical concepts to understand and solve the problem. Once you understand you will be able to solve the problems on your own.

I will guide you on your journey into solving programming challenges by helping you understand the underlying concepts and assist you solve the problem. I will help you understand the techniques and give you references on what you need to study or what courses you need to take.

I will explain you the algorithms in clear steps. I can help you with any of - Java, Python, Javascript or Go.

Feel free to message me if you have any questions. If you want to try me before ordering, please be my guest and message me. If you like my knowledge and my assistance, then you can decide to order the gig. No compulsion. Thank you.