I will read lenormand cards on any issue you would like to explore

read lenormand cards on any issue you would like to explore

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  A nine card reading on your chosen issue, looking quickly at its past, present and future What's in and outside your control, potential allies, cycles of thoughts and behaviors and more Up to 16 more clarifying card combinations, adding detail and explaining new connections
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About This Gig

I am offering a 9 card reading with the Lenormand Cards. I have studied many forms of divination and this card based oracle packs a really big punch in a small package. Ask about whatever issue you want - your relationship? Your rival at work? Health? Spirituality? If you're unsure you can contact me first via message.

Here are the details:

  • for the basic level you get a quick look at the past, present and future.
  • Medium tier is a full reading. Apart from past, present and future we're going to look at your thoughts, your behaviors, how they influence this area of your life. We're going to define which things are outside your control. We're going to look for helpful influences, and at how we can potentially turn your lot around, if you're not a fan of where the future is going! We're also going to uncover a central theme or idea that has most probably remained subconscious until now.
  • The most detailed level gives you all the above PLUS I'll use an extra technique called "knighting", where each card reveals its connections to others, giving 16 new tidbits of information!

The number of revisions refers to how many times you can come back and ask for clarification of your reading.