I will promote your soundcloud track among 4 million music lovers

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promote your soundcloud track among 4 million music lovers

About This Gig

Hi, I will promote your soundcloud track among music lovers according to the genre of your music from more than 50 Facebook groups dedicated for music consisting soundcloud followers with more than 4 million real Facebook users. It is a proven fact that Facebook is the most effective media for music to go viral.

With this, your track will reach genuine fans of the genre of your music. They'll notice your track, play it, make comments, likes and all stuff. Also all the facebook posts I do for your track will stay forever creating a infinite loop of referrals. 

Why Choose me :
  • Experienced in Music promotion in Social media
  • Promotion according to your music genre
  • Totally safe and transparent
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or Money-back

Please note that there are no bots, no fake results. Only result you'll see will be given by real music fans. So the reactions will vary according to your creation. Still my campaign ensures your music reach more than million music lovers. 

This genuine scheme is exclusively for singers, rappers, bands, DJs, MCs, music charities, music projects, music businesses and all.
Let your music heard by millions.

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