I will post 40 flyers around Auburn University

Delivered and sent proof. Good transaction!
Reviewed by dothanevents almost 4 years ago
Thank you , I hope this gets our company more sales reps.
Reviewed by spec4ces almost 4 years ago
Nice work. User delivered in time and showed proof of his doing. However, I did not receive much traffic therefore he may not be using good locations for flyers OR is not handing a lot out. (Just my thoughts though)
Reviewed by zpengu1n almost 4 years ago
Pleasure to work with!
Reviewed by mar_misty almost 4 years ago
Wow delivered in less than 24hrs great and thanks! will do business with again.
Reviewed by trice4201 almost 4 years ago
Great! Ahead of schedule!
Reviewed by jaymoe almost 4 years ago
Awesome gig!! wow really great flyer placement!
Reviewed by jcsarokin123 almost 4 years ago
Excellent work! Posted flyers on time, provided proof and over-delivered on service. Big thanks!
Reviewed by chepskitt almost 4 years ago
Great Job! Thank You!
Reviewed by collegework almost 4 years ago
Great guy, uses initiative, polite and on time :)
Reviewed by owl_city about 4 years ago
Bought this gig + some extra to get 80 color printed flyers posted in 24 hours. Delivered in 17h and everything is perfect! I Will work again with you for sure! Thank you so much! Best Regards.
Reviewed by wakeboard about 4 years ago
awesome, thanks!
Reviewed by itslud about 4 years ago
Thanks :)
Reviewed by hostcookie about 4 years ago
Thank you for your service I appreciate it.
Reviewed by jhosef7 about 4 years ago
Fast delivery. will consider for future work
Reviewed by trippyhippieco about 4 years ago
Thanks for a job well done. Looking forward to giving you more jobs. Thanks. Blueboy202
Reviewed by blueboy202 about 4 years ago
Awesome Work, Thanks!!
Reviewed by zoniefelder about 4 years ago
awesome work! will def be reordering!
Reviewed by rksteven31269 about 4 years ago
promoonlolo did a great job in providing progress communication and delivering on time. Will use again in the near future. Greatly Appreciated. John
Reviewed by macksbest about 4 years ago
Simply one of the best postings ever! Uses tape when needed to post, and posted the flyers in clear places, so that they are easily seen. Every flyer was posted perpendicular! Everyone should follow this example! Two thumbs up! 5 stars ***** Highly recommended!
Reviewed by easyeboy about 4 years ago
post 40 flyers around Auburn University
post 40 flyers around Auburn University
post 40 flyers around Auburn University

About This Gig

40 Flyers in 4 Days! 100% Positive Feedback! I will provide you with 2 pictures for proof that your flyers are being posted! For $5, I will post 40 of your flyers around the Auburn University campus as well as around downtown Auburn, Alabama. With tens of thousands of college students, Auburn is a great place to advertise. I will post throughout campus and downtown: bulletin boards, doors & windows, bathrooms, light posts, dining halls, lecture halls, computer labs, and more! I will print all 40 grayscale 8.5"X11" ads for you.

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4 days delivery