I will make one of 8 INSTAGRAM Logo Reveals

The service was prompt and good quality. No complaints. I encourage you to use this service
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Outstanding Experience!
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make one of 8 INSTAGRAM Logo Reveals
make one of 8 INSTAGRAM Logo Reveals
make one of 8 INSTAGRAM Logo Reveals
make one of 8 INSTAGRAM Logo Reveals
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About This Gig

These are 8 INSTAGRAM ready projects.

Resolution: 640x640 (H.264/.MP4) -  Standerd Size. 

Customizable:  Text, Logo

Music & Sound Effects: Included

Project Lengths

1) 5 Seconds Long

2) 5 Seconds Long

3) 5 Seconds Long

4) 5 Seconds Long

5) 7 Seconds Long

6) 7 Seconds Long

7) 10 Seconds Long

8) 10 Seconds Long

You'll have the option of choosing between 8 projects.

To include your own sound track, please take a moment to review are convenient gig extra's section.

If you want to include your Logo or Company Identities within these Instagram projects? Your logos must be in any of these file formats, .PNG .AI .TIFF .PSD .EPS, With transparent backgrounds for Best Results!

Please send images that are NO smaller than ...800x800

 For all other file formats, please check with us before you send your Images.

If you send us a logo that we must reEdit for you, due to low quality, whereas we must remove the background or reFormat its design, there will be an additional $10 extra fee, for this type of logo Redesign work.

Here is a small demo of how you can upload these videos from your computer to your Instagram Account.


Any questions please message me.