I will top 10 profitable and RANK able keywords for $5

/ 2 Days On Average
top 10 profitable and RANK able keywords
top 10 profitable and RANK able keywords

About This Gig

Building a new site?Already have a website?Mini site? OrAuthority site?Blogs or Videos?

FACT is Keywords should always be your #1 priority. Ask any SEO expert

Get this
 Wrong - and your website is dead on the water!

Get this
 Right - your website will be on top position in Google!

So what will you get for the $5 gig ?

With my In-depth Keyword research I will give you a list of
 Top 10 profitable and RANK-able words  for your website that can dominate Google 1st page rankings with scientific accuracy specifically for your Targeted country / Globally. 

The research will include:

  • Low competitive 10 Profitable and Rankable Keywords /Key phrases
  • CPC
  • Local Searches
  • Global Searches
  • Key word Competition Score(ranking difficulty)

Not just that, you will also get Top 10 Competitor research for all  10 key words. It will include:

  • Competitor URL
  • Keyword Competition Score 
  • Page Authority

What makes me different from other Sellers?

  • SEO Certified Professional

  • 100% Positive feedbacks
  • Buyer Satisfaction Guaranteed

What's the GIG requirement?

Send me some short Key words e.g web design,cleaning service etc

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