I will post for you on Voat with a serious, aged and active account

post for you on Voat with a serious, aged and active account
post for you on Voat with a serious, aged and active account

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Description 1 Post 1 Post + 1 Comment + 9 Upvotes 1 Post + 2 Comments + 12 Upvotes
  Post with a good account that's being used by a real person. I do not use bots for anything. The comment will be posted fast and will be uplifting, or you could give me the text for it. The power of supportive comments in a thread cannot be understated. They generate natural upvotes.
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About This Gig

Voat is powerful for getting traffic and exposure. 

The #1 reason: it's maybe hundreds of times easier to reach its front page than Reddit, yet it still brings decent traffic. It's also almost guaranteed traffic because moderators, where they even exist, are extremely lenient. Since Voat is an uncensored version of Reddit, they prefer to let users do the moderating through downvotes and abuse reports. Try it and you'll start seeing it in a totally different light.


  • I reserve the right to reject your post if I believe it won't do well on Voat or it could harm my accounts. Of course, you'd get a refund.
  • I will send you a private message when I start work in order to facilitate monitoring of my performance.
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement: I will never speak to anyone about this transaction and I expect the same from you.
  • Fast delivery. I will deliver usually within 2 hours or when you want it scheduled. A friend is covering for me while I'm sleeping, and we have set up alerts on our mobile phones for orders (not private messages).

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is this strategy also powerful for SEO?
    This innovative strategy is also powerful for SEO because GoogleBot actually takes into consideration the number of upvotes that something is receiving. Getting posted on lots of content aggregation websites and being upvoted in the same time proofs to search engines that you have quality content.