I will send 13 plots for Young Adult and Childrens books

send 13 plots for Young Adult and Childrens books

About This Gig

Do you want to write or publish young adult or children's stories but need some help with plots? I have a pack of 13 pre-written plots perfect for:

  • picture books
  • chapter books
  • YA novels

You can even put several of the plots together to create a series!

In this pack, the stories are roughly 1/3 young reader/picture books, and 2/3 older readers/young adult plots. I do include suggestions on how to adapt for different ages.

Each plot in this pack includes:
  • summary of the story
  • In-depth character descriptions
  • An outline of the story events
  • detailed breakdown of every step of the story
  • BEST OF ALL: suggestions for each story on how to make it unique.

These are base plots. You'll need to change some details to make it your own story, but I show you several ways to adapt each plot. From there, you can write the story or hand it off to a ghostwriter - most of the planning is handled for you, so you go from original idea to published book fast!

(For those of you who have bought my plot packs on Fiverr before, this is the pack where story #1 is "The True Story of the Monster Under the Bed".)

Are you ready to get published? Grab your plot pack and get started today!

Order Details

12 days delivery

Custom Plot

I will create a custom children's plot to your specifications.