I will edit and mix Dialogue or VO for Film or Video


About This Gig

We are professional audio post production Dubbing Mixers working with most broadcasters and several independent film makers, with a vast amount of experience, for $5 we will do one of the following:

For Stereo Mix:

Import Video: I will convert your video to import into Pro Tools HD.  = 1 Gig *Note not needed for Radio/Podcast/Audiobook

Dialogue Edit: I will edit your audio dialogue and remove clicks, pops, noise and unnecessary or unclear/unwanted sections of your dialogue. Up to 5min = 1 Gig

Dialogue Mix: I will mix your podcast or audio dialogue to required technical specifications, ensuring clarity, presence and smooth relative volume levels. I will also mix to ensure even loudness results. Up to 5mins = 1 Gig

Export: I will export your 2ch mixed audio in any required format. This is included in any gig, However multiple formats will cost = 1 Gig

One revision per order

See my other gigs for other audio post production services. Get in touch for a customised quote for long form content.

All orders delivered within 5 working days, excl. weekend.

Fast delivery and weekend delivery are available as extra gigs.

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