I will find you a grant

find you a grant

About This Gig

This Gig is pretty simple. You need a grant, I know how to find grants.

I have been involved with over $281,000,000 in grant funding!

A bit of expectation management so we are all happy:

1. I love finding grants for non-profits (with an approved 501(c)3 status) and municipalities! Bring on your project!!!

2. I believe in being 100% honest with my clients. It is almost impossible to find grants for businesses (unless they are for employee training). Message me with your business type and location before buying or I will likely need to cancel the order.

3. US only please

4. I do NOT find grants for individuals.

What you get:

Grant Name
Funding Source

Want more sources???

Add a Gig Extra and I will give you information on three total grants!