I will write a poem or short story about any topic

Thank you.
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write a poem or short story about any topic

About This Gig

I love to make something that helps people get business - words. The power of words is such that you can sell comb to a bald man. How about inspiring people when you talk to them with a short story or poem on the topic that you want or about people you love, respect or admire?

  • Story: It would be a fictional story, which would look as real as possible. It would be 1-3 pages story, depending on the topic. It can take up to 7 days to be delivered.
  • Poem: It would be 2-3 verses. The poem can be delivered in 3 days.

If the topic requires research, please go for Gig Extras. If you want the copyrights of the story, again go for Gig Extras. I will do as maximum of 1 revision (the plot will still remain the same).

For copyrights of poem or short story, see Gig Extras. Message me if you want to see a sample first.