I will record your phone system messages or IVR

record your phone system messages or IVR
record your phone system messages or IVR

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Description Greeting Basic Phone Tree Large Phone Tree
  A basic greeting up to 50 words recorded for your phone system Up to 10 separated files for your phone system Any number of separated files for your phone system
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About This Gig

Your phone system is often how you make your first impression with your potential customers.  It can make the difference between adding business and losing business.  The voice they hear needs to be clear and easy to understand but it also needs to make them feel welcome and appreciated.  

Need it NOW?  Message me to see if I am available and you could have your audio in just minutes.  Additional charges may apply.

I am a 30 year professional and I can help you make the right impression every time.  I will also be around for a long time so if you need to make changes down the road you won't need to throw everything out.  

Background music is available as a gig extra.

Please note that foreign and complicated technical terms may require an extra charge.

Important:  This is NOT for unsolicited robocall messages.  If you want me to record a message to send out to other people's phones I will need to know that you are a legitimate company responding to people who want to hear from you.  I will not help you scam innocent people.

Send me your script(s) and let's get started!