I will get Over Your Ex Now Instead of Later

get Over Your Ex Now Instead of Later
get Over Your Ex Now Instead of Later

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My name is Phil and I am the creator of " BreakingUp2BreakingOut". I specialize in helping people get over break ups or tough time after one. I have a Facebook with over 75,000 legit followers.

I have also written an E-book as well called "Passages of Our Broken Hearts" which is available online,also hard copy as well.

So what business do I have being here? Well I created a Facebook to help people get through their breakups which I thought would be sort of helpful. Just started in July 2015. Already as of today in June 2016 I amassed 77,000 followers and growing! Followers message me all the time asking for advice and people post questions on the page. I spent alot of my free time answering these questions so much that I decided to put it all into an Eread. Even with that though there is always more to go!

I have learned over the last year that no one situation is alike and everyone has this unique take or view on their past relationship or why they cant get over them. I am here to listen to you, offer you constructive feedback, and give you advice as well.

Females or Males welcome!

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