I will give you a Past LIFE Reading and Healing

give you a Past LIFE Reading and Healing
give you a Past LIFE Reading and Healing

About This Gig

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If you are having issues in just about any area of your life, it can be due to a past life issue. I call it a Karmic Hangover. Sometimes in life there are people we can’t always get complete with, like some ex’s that keep showing up.  Also sometimes there are phantom pains that are not explained, even other health issues.  When there is a lot of bad luck, money issues and more, that can indicate a past life issue.  Much of this can be resolved by healing the Past Life, that most affects the issue, directly. 

I will do a Professional Past Life Reading and Healing.  This works Great on:

  • Health
  • Money/Financial
  • Your Life Mission
  • Your Business
  • Your Future
  • Relationships
  • Love/Romance
  • Job/Career
  • Pets
  • Health
  • Future Events
  • Emotional Issues
  • Your Goals

And More…

As Part of the Professional Past Life Reading & Healing:

I will pray for your Success and Send You Good Vibes

If needed, I will raise your Frequency & Vibration.

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*Only 1 Gig per issue, that you want healed.

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