I will help you attract more MONEY for $5

/ 4 Days On Average
help you attract more MONEY
help you attract more MONEY
help you attract more MONEY
help you attract more MONEY

About This Gig

Thanks for stopping by.   I will do a Powerful Psychic Energy Session to help you Attract More Money, here on Fiverr! 

This works Great on:

  • ·         Increasing Money Coming Into Your Life
  • ·         Bless Your Business
  • ·         Increased Business Relationships
  • ·         Financial Charisma
  • ·         Removes Money Blocks
  • ·         Removes Financial Issues
  • ·         Removes Money/Financial Self-Sabotage
  • ·         Increased Sales
  • ·         Attracts Money From Any and All Sources
  • ·         Any Situation You Want To Focus On

And More…

Most people, even here on Fiverr, notice their Self-Sabotage, Fear and Worry being removed.   Chad from Austin, reported an unexpected Business deal happening. 

Jimmy, said, he had no idea he had so many Money Blocks.

And Much More…

As Part of the Attracting Money Healing Session Gig:

  • ·         I will pray for your Success and Victory
  • ·         If needed, I will even have Angels come in and help
  • ·         I will be Clearing, Cleaning, Charging and Balancing Your 7 Major Chakras too. ;)

No Risk, 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!!!  

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Many Blessings, 


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