I will give Psychic Intuitive Reading

give Psychic Intuitive Reading

About This Gig

When I’m doing a reading for you I'm sensing vibrations that I’m picking up directly from your energy fields. Then the energy begins to flow through me in a series of images, somewhat like picture flashes I may also hear names I accesses my intuitive senses and demonstrate this by using the abilities of clairvoyance (clear seeing) clairaudience (clear hearing) Psychic/intuitive readings are also able to give you the answers and understanding you need to be able to live a happier life

 For example, you may ask when a certain situation will happen. I may answer about why that situation is not happening, and how to best bring about a solution for your highest good and purpose. Questions that you have will be answered in a way that will serve you best in the bigger picture

Each session includes a written report usually up to 1000 words We can discuss what it is you’d like me to focus on while tuning into your life or you can have me go in what ever direction I feel guided. I will spend time on my own meditating and allowing my guides to help me find the words to share with you as I write your report about what it is you are being given through our energetic exchange