I will cast a Spell of your choice

cast a Spell of your choice
cast a Spell of your choice

About This Gig

Not all Spells are,"one size fits all".

If you are unable to find a Spell that meets your specific and unique needs, you will be able to customize your Cast with this order.

We will combine individual Spell properties to achieve your desired results.

Unsure about what you need? Please message me before ordering for a Spell consultation.

I do not rush my Casting process and handle every Spell request with a personal and concentrated magic, as it should be done.

My Spells are not a "quick fix". Instead, they provide REAL results and lasting effects. Proper patience and energy are required to ensure your ideal outcome.


Meditation Clearing: open a meditation circle to remove any metaphysical blockages in your path.

Crimson Oils:
Cast your Spell with Crimson Oil for swift results.

Faeries Wish Candle:
burn a Faeries Wish candle for 3 days after Casting for MAXIMUM results.

Protection Ritual:
perform a Protection Ritual to repel negative energy for the next 30 days.

Blessings & Merry Part.