I will remove negative energy around you

remove negative energy around you

About This Gig

Spiritual Energy is EVERYWHERE. We use it every day, we rely upon it to guide and protect us.

It's ever present through our lives, absorbing all that we come in contact with.

  • Stress
  • Fear & Uncertainty
  • Emotional Loss
  • Broken Ambition
  • Self Loathing
  • Negative People

These situations have a severe effect on your energy, leaving scars on your abilities, your outlook and effect the quality of your future.

Unfortunately, time doesn't always correct this. The lingering of these energies can wage a battle against you, preventing growth in personal relationships, financial stability, positive opportunities and most importantly, your own happiness and well-being.

This Spell will counter those effects. Promoting success, a firm foundation and remove that which stands in your way to regaining complete happiness.

Please refer to the gig extras for thorough and detailed results.

Merry Part & Blessings.

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The Star

Remove blockages on your energy that are holding you back.