I will detach cords and cleanse your aura in 24 hours

detach cords and cleanse your aura in 24 hours

About This Gig

Aura defines a person's past, present and future. Often, individual's auric bodies become dense, have multiple etheric, psychic or parasitical cords, attract unnecessary energies (entities, spirits...) leading to energy holes influencing negative outcomes. 
This leads to diminished life force energy in your aura resulting in physical, mental and/or emotional ailments. 

I will cleanse, heal and remove all energy blockages from your auric bodies to ensure any form of negativity is removed immediately while healing with Reiki. Along with removal of all blockages, I will be removing all forms of cords (attachments) belonging to individuals in your life who are draining your life-force energy and/or influencing your aura. 

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2 days delivery

Aura cleansing and cords cutting

I will do aura cleansing and cutting the toxic/karmic cords energetically.