I will cast a powerful Lucid Dream spell

cast a powerful Lucid Dream spell

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Have you ever dreamed to be someone extraodinary or living in a place that is out of this world? For most of us, they are simply dreams of a life we can never live. Simply Unreal and Unrealistic of a Fantasy world that is in most of our brains. We could only Immagine being a part of that world.

Lucid dreams are a Dream stage that allows us to walk, touch and feel the dream world around us with full consciousness of it being as real as touching the rain on your finger tips or taking a bite out of a Sandwitch. For most of us, we could spend years teaching ourselves to Lucid Dream, and we Fail everytime. But for some Lucky Few, Lucid dreaming is second Nature to them, But it won't Guarantee they will Lucid Dream Forever because it is a 50/50 shot of it working each Night.

My spell will Guarantee 100% shot of it working every night

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