I will do a PSYCHIC reading for 8 Questions Limited Time Offer

do a PSYCHIC reading for 8 Questions Limited Time Offer

About This Gig

I am a professional, real, caring and honest psychic medium since birth. I have a doctorate degree from a top U.S. university. Most of my clients are repeat clients since I am amazingly accurate. Each reading is genuine and authentic.

*Limited Time Offer:  1 question with helpful insight plus 6 FREE questions answered yes or no for $5.  Main question answered in 3-4 sentences

Readings cover: career, love, health, pets and communicating with loved ones with extraordinarily accurate results.  The reading is in a word doc with specifics (names, dates, etc) as much as possible. 

Minimum: ULTIMATE DEEP  trance for a DETAILED  READING. Highly Recommended for complex and important questions

UPGRADE to REMOTE VIEWING. I  view and report back his/her thoughts.  People love this SECRET KNOWLEDGE. 

UPGRADE to REMOTE VIEWING INFLUENCING thoughts (no harmful thoughts). My repeat clients use it, because it is so effective. See Pic #2

Send your first name, recipient's first name and describe the situation. 


Legal disclaimer: readings are for entertainment purposes only.