I will give an ACCURATE and in depth psychic reading

give an ACCURATE and in depth psychic reading

About This Gig

Get counsel from your spirit guides and clarity on your path!

I'm Ona, a gifted psychic and spiritual medium. I'd love to help you find answers to your pressing questions and clarity with a basic reading.

Don't let it fool you, a basic reading is quite in depth and personalized. It simply differs from a more difficult reading, like an akashic records reading.

Your basic reading will include a report containing:

Specific information shared with me through your guides (as much as they will share)
Specific guidance shared with me by your guides

It takes about 3-4 hours for me to complete a reading and speak to your spirit guides, after which I'll compile your report and send it to you. Typical readings result in a 2000+ character report. 

I can also do other, more in depth readings, love, oracle, akashic records readings. Message me for information.

Love and light,

Ona Hayes

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1 day delivery

Psychic reading

Consult the spirits and your guides. Get answers to your pressing questions.

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