I will ask Spirit if you have found your Soul Mate

ask Spirit if you have found your Soul Mate
ask Spirit if you have found your Soul Mate

About This Gig

One of the most asked questions I have is have I found my soul mate?
There are always people who we may have shared previous lifetimes with, and with that said, may certainly have been intimately connected but this misconception doesn't always mean they were meant for us.

Often with relationships we discover over time it is or isn't meant to be, through that person they teach us our strengths and/or weaknesses. But 'Soul Mate' the word itself really means 'to have shared a previous life or lifetimes with'. Even your children could be people you once shared a former life with.

So bypassing this, I endeavor to seek a deeper level, via spirit to ask
in the Basic Gig: "have they shared a previous life together?" you will be told only a "Yes" or a "No".

I will record Spirits' answer so you hear it from the other side and will attach it as a AVI video file with audio & Subtitle.

This will validate if they are a Soul Mate you had a relationship with in a former life, however I do recommend getting the extra gig if you want to know if that relationship was a blessing or a lesson.

If you choose the Extra Gig I'll further ask:
 "is this person with the one who is 'divinely' chosen for them?"