I will give you an affirmation to change your circumstances

give you an affirmation to change your circumstances

About This Gig

When you embrace the power of the spoken word you suddenly see that you empower yourself in ways you never knew possible.
Sometimes the best treatment one can receive is medicine for the mind and through my beautiful Guide daily she feeds my Soul allowing me to share quotes that often make people realise their good lays within their hands and through my private readings I share this treatment, which for many has turned their circumstances around.

But you must be willing to commit to it otherwise it won't commit to helping you.

By purchasing this Gig you will receive through Spirit the Divine words to prelude your change, you can play it daily or repeat it daily until you have it memorised, then it will begin to create a magic within you you'd wish you'd embraced before.

There are two in this Gig
1. The basic 'Single Circumstance changer' change only one situation.
2. The extra 'Life Changer' change everything in your path.

Be warned, if you do this for ill intent it will be upon you for ill results.

Blessed be