I will do your professional recorded, not typed Psychic Reading

do your professional recorded, not typed Psychic Reading
do your professional recorded, not typed Psychic Reading
do your professional recorded, not typed Psychic Reading

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Description Sample Reading Extended + 2 Questions Anything Goes *The All-Inc' +CD
  Get a taste of my abilities. Before purchasing a full reading. Offers a more generous Reading & focus on 2 Questions of concern. In depth read, Spirit Path & on CD! 3 Questions answered.
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About This Gig

*If you have had *any reading in less than 3-6mths note this may continue where that left off, it is not recommended to have readings too close to one another. (Or under 18yrs)

*You can't modify a reading.
Samples are only offered the once to prove Karen's ability only, predictions on samples are not obligated.

BASIC GIG - Is just for you not another person, using your name & DOB basic means sample up to 7mins *not full reading, *not couple, not questions

Want more? Consider the extra GIGs :)

You may have had readings in the past by others often people who pick up a deck of tarot instantly claim to have the gift of vision, many are taught, but have you had one by someone who was born seeing things before they happened? 

To me this has been my way of life since I can remember, I also have numerous visitations by spirits and have recorded these encounters to share with the hope in their families receiving their messages from the other side. To book a communication session please see my other gig.

I'm now offering you a chance to experience my gift from only $5
for a limited time using only your first name & DOB.
I will record this on audio mp3 so you can download and play.

~ Karen

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why don't you do typed readings?
    Typed readings are often templates where your name and a few things are added. I record because things come to me and if I were to sit typing I'd miss so much information and moreover may end up with RSI :D
  • Why do you not offer modifications to your readings?
    Readings are not scripts nor artwork, with a unique product that I offer whatever comes through during that reading I pass on to the clients, no matter how trivial it may be, to modify a reading means that the reading would continue where that one left off which could further confuse a person.
  • Why don't you read for people under 18yrs?
    Up until the age of 18, a person is still walking the path mapped out for them from Spirit, though they may stray or have it influenced through the company they keep it is best not to read for anyone under 18yrs as it could create a karmic whiplash causing more harm than good to that individual.
  • Why must I wait 3-6 months between readings?
    It's simple, most things take around that time to come to fruition, if you go from one reader to another you are going to get confused because each reading carries on where the last left off. Some won't stop until they hear what they want, but it may be much later that it occurs.
  • Do you read privately, ie: Phone/Skype etc?
    Yes I do and you can visit www.thehighpriestessstudio.com to find out how :)
  • Why can't I order another Sample?
    Samples are to prove Karen's abilities only, they are not to be used as a replacement to a full reading. If you book a sample and feel it is accurate then you have 'taste tested' and if you want more should consider a full reading. You don't only eat the samples in a shop do you?
  • Why can't I order for another person?
    As we respect the privacy of others some may order without the other persons knowledge and we feel this is not acceptable, and we cannot go on heresy. If that person seeks a reading then we ask they order it themself and not via someone else's account as some things may be too confidential.
  • Why aren't predictions offered in a Sample?
    The sample is only to show what I pick up as having happened and is happening in your life. Events & circumstances etc, I am not obliged to give predictions in these given the time allotted. If anything Samples are surface readings for this reason, If you want more insight grab the extended Gig.
  • Can I get a Full Reading on CD posted to me?
    Yes absolutely! However samples are never recorded to CD only extended or All Inclusive readings. For obvious reasons being that they go for longer and are more generous. Address will need to be provided in your order and postage costs covered. You will need an mp3 player to play these CDs.
  • Why are your prices high?
    We offer a professional service and Fiverr fees taken upon a completed order, mean we are often left in receipt of a lesser amount. Given we also have the Premium where we provide CD copy of the reading, and cover postage etc we must cover the overheads. Thank you for your understanding.