I will read yr current financial forecast,clear blockages

read yr current financial forecast,clear blockages

About This Gig

'Financial Forecast Package' for $5 - I will tune in to your ‘here & now’ & give you a thorough written analysis of a specific finance or money related question or situation (approx 250 words).  This will give you an insight in to the past, present & future events that effect the question, your current attitude, other influences, obstacles you may face & the likely outcome.

'Financial Clearing Package' + $20 I will tune in to your chakras directly related to your finances & clear any blockages & bring them into balance.  This will help clear any current attitudes, other influences or obstacles you may be facing at this time. I will offer you advice as to how to manage & balance them in your day to day life for yourself. 

'Full Treatment Package' VERY GOOD DEAL:  +$20 I will do all the above plus clear & balance ALL your chakras for you. 

The whole package is a great energy tune up which will have a positive impact in all areas of your life, you will feel fantastic! In addition, with the advice you will be able to heal yourself for the rest of your life as & when needed. This is exceptional value for money.

‘Expedited Package’ +$20 You can have your order in just TWO days.

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