I will assist you with your Psychology assignments

assist you with your Psychology assignments

About This Gig

Who am I?  I am a former Professor of Psychology at the undergraduate and graduate university levels (8+ years of experience), and I am also a former professional tutor for undergraduates with learning challenges.  I have my Doctorate of Psychology (Psy.D.) and I am currently focusing on clinical work. Hence, as a part of the Fiverr community I can offer you expertise that may rival that of your Psychology professor, which can then help you to knock those written assignments out of the park!

I am offering my services in two ways. The first service that I am offering is that I can assist you in formulating a topic for a written assignment and then provide for you up to 10 professional resources for that assignment- as in peer-reviewed journals and books, not Wikipedia. This service will get you started on the right foot.

The second service that I can provide is that I can review and edit your written assignments up to 5 pages long for accuracy in your understanding and use of psychology terms, ideas, and phenomena. This service is like having a really cool Psychology prof that is willing to privately tutor you as well.

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