I will christmas Puppet your message

Superb job! Thanks!
Reviewed by dayfv95 2 months ago
Good Experience!
Reviewed by oberberg 3 months ago
Initial Brief wasn't fulfilled to requirements, however it was my fault for not requesting the revision within 3 days and order was marked as "complete". Although later the Seller got in contact and delivered a fantastic product, which I am now very happy with, he is definitely very talented and has a great sense of humour.
Reviewed by needaskip 3 months ago
Thank You! I love it!
Reviewed by katsent about 1 year ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by masalou2000 about 1 year ago
Very pleased with the modification and delivered quickly very much appreciated
Reviewed by astgte about 1 year ago
You are the Best!
Reviewed by dalewurfel about 1 year ago
Thank you so much, truly a professional and great job high recommendations
Reviewed by kcpcharlie about 1 year ago
Super well done and produced indeed, well pleased thanks
Reviewed by astgte about 1 year ago
Always deliver a superb product! very pleased. Highly recommended!
Reviewed by bearntriangle about 1 year ago
I'm very pleased and will be buying more gigs.
Reviewed by theexpertonair about 1 year ago
If you want an original video, this is your man! Thank you so much and all the best for the holiday season!
Reviewed by kikalachica over 1 year ago
This was GREAT! Thank you SO MUCH. Merry Christmas!
Reviewed by akstoner over 1 year ago
Awesome! Thanks very much.
Reviewed by startingsocial about 2 years ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by cuhellie about 2 years ago
Big Ups Dr Puppets. Nice rapping and rhyming. Fast delivery. Recommended
Reviewed by alextheaussie about 2 years ago
Reviewed by bordercrosser about 2 years ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by thingee about 2 years ago
Oh my!!! This rocks!! So awesome! Will be back for more.. ! I think we need a rap!
Reviewed by yonzodeals about 2 years ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by kimmyr about 2 years ago
christmas Puppet your message
christmas Puppet your message
puppets chrismas gig for dayfv95 D
puppets christmas gig for oberberg REDO
puppets xmas gig for needaskip B
Puppets CHRISMAS GIG FOR katsent B 2
PUPPETS christmas GIG FOR masalou2000 B
Puppets Christmas gig for astgte A REDO
PUPPETS christmas GIG FOR dalewurfel B
Puppets CHRISMAS GIG FOR katsent B
Puppets CHRISMAS GIG FOR astgte C
PUPPETS christmas  GIG FOR  bearntriangle C
PUPPET christmas  GIG FOR kikalachica C REDO
Puppets christmas gig for akstoner D

About This Gig




Dr. Puppet is here to Celebrate the Holidays! He will Puppet your Message for your Website, Business, Friend, Family, Anything! Up to 150 words, All for just $5! On the other hand, if you would like a Christmas Rap Music Video, just check out the Gig Extra's.

  • -Include up to 5 Photos or Logos in your video Free of Charge
  • -Add your URL to the bottom of the video Free of Charge
  • -Free Background Selection (40+ Backdrops)
  • -Free Costume Change (40+ Props)
  • -All audio is Professionally Mixed & Mastered
  • -All videos are delivered in 1920 x 1080 HD

The default Instrumental is the same as the Demo Video. If you would like to use another beat, please send a link to the instrumental from Youtube, or upload the instrumental through Fiverr.

Additional Services:


Background Selection: (Default Background - same as Demo Video)

Costume/ Prop Selection: (Default Clothing - Same as Demo Video)

If you provide your own lyrics: 75-150 words Max