I will make a ghetto rant or review about anything

Very good. Includes re-do's if not satisfied. offers many other puppets as well.
Reviewed by luaustin7 3 months ago
Excellent job. Seller followed instructions exactly. Outstanding value. Definitely give him a try.
Reviewed by luaustin7 5 months ago
Wow great job, it's adorable! many thanks :)
Reviewed by avivassa 9 months ago
Great gig. Funniest thing I've been apart of all year.
Reviewed by coachwash about 1 year ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by cynicalsaints about 1 year ago
Hahaha this is perfect and hilarious! I highly recommend it for everyone to try.
Reviewed by johncrodgers over 1 year ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by misterfal over 1 year ago
Good Experience!
Reviewed by tiedemannbrian over 1 year ago
Oh lol, this is just the greatest! I can't wait to order more!!!!!
Reviewed by getactive over 1 year ago
Incredible value... Great Stuff!
Reviewed by tiedemannbrian almost 2 years ago
This is golden! Thanks very much. Top quality!
Reviewed by mensus almost 2 years ago
dope stuff
Reviewed by hannm1 about 2 years ago
Reviewed by macsack about 2 years ago
I just ordered what I need and I got it within a couple of hours! Exactly the way I needed it.... the video was ready to watch!
Reviewed by flowtus about 2 years ago
Great job again! very talented! Thanks
Reviewed by jimstathis about 2 years ago
Dr. puppet did a fantastic job. Delivered my order quickly, and got it perfect this first time.
Reviewed by crashclinic about 2 years ago
I am sorry but I cannot recommend this seller. The work is not delivered as ordered. (missing url in the bottom) so the video is useless for us. Asking the seller for a change (willing to pay for) no answer. So bad seller.
Reviewed by dvdranger over 2 years ago
Reviewed by davidbrisbois over 2 years ago
Dr. Puppet, You should get 10 stars. Wonderful job.
Reviewed by qicbrakes over 2 years ago
Awesome Gig! Great Delivery! Will definitely order again!
Reviewed by lonnie1001 over 2 years ago
make a ghetto rant or review about anything
make a ghetto rant or review about anything
make a ghetto rant or review about anything
make a ghetto rant or review about anything
pdf page as image
pdf page as image
puppets ghetto gig for luaustin7 REDO
puppets rent gig for luaustin7 A
puppets message gig for avivassa REDO 3
puppets message gig foR coachwash B
Puppets Rant Gig for cynicalsaints C
Puppets Ghetto gig for johncrodgers A
Puppets ghetto gig for misterfal A
puppet gig for tiedemannbrian E REDO 2
Puppets ghetto gig for getactive A
Puppets ghetto Rant Gig for tiedemannbrian

About This Gig


Just give me a script up to 150 words or less, and lets jump-start your product or website, vent, or just send a pimped out message to friends! Standard video will be up to 1 minute.

  • -Include a Photo or Logo in your video (Free of Charge)
  • -Add your URL to the bottom of the video (Free of Charge)
  • -Free Background Selection (40+ Backdrops)
  • -Free Costume Change (40+ Props)
  • -All audio is Professionally Mixed & Mastered
  • -All videos are delivered in 1920 x 1080 HD

Additional Services
(To view Puppet Selection, see to the link below):

Background Selection: (Default Background - same as Demo Video)

Costume/ Prop Selection: (Default Clothing - Same as Demo Video)

Thank you for stopping by, Happy Gigging!

-Dr. Puppet