I will translate English and German

translate English and German

About This Gig

I will translate up to 500 words for you with one gig. English to German, German to English, French to English and French to German are also possible.

My work around for 500 words is about 24 hours but it is not guaranteed. If you need it within 24 hours please order extra gig. 
Please order one gig for every (beginning) 500 words. So if you have 2100 words, order 5x the basis gig or ask for custom order.

For custom orders: please indicate the total number of words and how fast you need it. If it is necessary to estimate the number on the basis of a picture, I will round it up.

Please consider that I am from Germany and if you need a translation in German for Switzerland or Austria that there a some tiny differences. eg. Spaß (Germany) vs. Spass (Switzerland), 5,- [currency sign] (Germany) vs. [currency sign] 5.- (Switzerland)

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4 days delivery

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Translation up to 500 words

  • Up to 500 Words
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