I will provide Verified Social Signal to any Web Page

provide Verified Social Signal to any Web Page

About This Gig

What is  SocialSignal ? 
Lets say Purbita has 13 of his media profiles setup in Onlywire or Sendible or any. He then submits his content and receives only 13 shares. He can get views from all of his friends, but he would be lucky if they liked or re-shared it. Purbita now decides he is tired of sharing his own content, every one can see it’s just her so they tend to ignore his posts. Because he got wind of the greater advantage of sharing through Syndication Masters, she connects his Onlywire or Sendible account to Syndication Masters and now posts her content there instead. Consequently, his posts will be shared by hundreds of people on thousands of socialmedia profiles which Google really loves.This is a great way to get your business or whatever you’re sharing to go viral !
Do you need:
  • socialsignals for seo?
  • help with bookmarking and link building?
  • a larger presence of Facebook and Twitter?
  • an online marketing boost?
  • help with your "Empower Network" blog?
No Problem! This gig was made for you!
You send 1 link (URL), with a set of keywords and a "share message" of 140 characters or less, and I will run them through 100+ social  media accounts in major platform.