I will provide Indiegogo and Crowdfunding Marketing

Great Work! Very Happy with the work that has been done. Would recommend this to anyone!
Reviewed by crystalwish3 about 1 year ago
provide Indiegogo and Crowdfunding Marketing
provide Indiegogo and Crowdfunding Marketing

About This Gig

Crowdfunding websites such as Indiegogo and Kickstarter use algorithms to decide which campaigns are popular and therefore which campaigns should be brought to the top of their pages and featured. Obviously the higher up you are on the campaign page and the more you are featured the more chances you have of being seen, discovered and funded.

The algorithms are based on factors such as how many people fund a campaign, how many times it is shared and how many comments it receives.

  • For $5 we are willing to donate $2 to your campaign ($1 from 2 individual accounts).
  • We will also write a positive and personal comment with each donation. (or you can provide the comments)
  • We will then share the campaign on fb and twitter. 

If you would like more donations as well as exposure, you may purchase the extras. Our extras will come with other shares and if purchased in bulk we can possibly work out some better deals.