I will review the salary level for your corporate job

review the salary level for your corporate job

About This Gig

Kindly note that this gig is for jobs in the US only (corporate jobs).
Components that will be looked at - base salary and target bonus %.

I will need to receive your resume, your official job description and your current salary level (optional) for evaluation.

If this is for a prospective new job, please provide the above requirements PLUS the future prospective job description (and location - if you are relocating).

I will provide feedback based on my experience and various market sources.

If there is a job or location where I am not familiar with or have no viable information, I'll let you know and you can cancel your order.

Typically, a full blown professional job evaluation can cost about $500 per job. 

This will be a pared down/no frills version without insight into your company strategy.

Basic evaluation = $85. Please remember to select the extra gig for basic evaluation. 

Feedback will be provided in a word/pdf format along with some tips on compensation.

Thank you.

Order Details

Basic Evaluation

I will review your resume and job description to provide feedback on market salary level.

7 days delivery