I will write an unforgettable letter for you for $5

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write an unforgettable letter for you
write an unforgettable letter for you

About This Gig

400 words from you to anyone for any reason. 

I will write a (thoughtful, incisive, cajoling, demanding, etc.) letter to anyone you want for any reason.

Got a new job? Wanna quit your current job in style? Done and done. I'll make him cringe at your name or spend all day wishing you'd come back, your choice.  

Didja mess up real bad? Need to apologize, but not too much? I'm on that.  

Did someone else mess up real bad? I'm on that with a vengeance. I'll edit and rewrite your most potent feelings until they are perfectly preserved and presented with a precision unknown this side of perfection, with the precise alchemy of attitude, aggression, angst, anger...all of the above. .  .

Are you looking for the best cover letter you've ever seen? I'm all over that. I've been writing cover letters since before fiverr was even a gleam in papa's eyes.   

I've written letters on behalf of girlfriends, boyfriends, fathers, mothers, plaintiffs, managers, employees, lessees, lessors, etc. and have always delivered the goods.  

What about a verbal beatdown? Got any forum vermin to verbally annihilate? It'll be like a rendering plant up in here...

How about letters of love and longing? I'm on that as well.