I will create a story plot

create a story plot

About This Gig

Greetings to you, fellow writer!

Looking for a great storyline? Hit with writer's block?
I am here to help you come up with a story plot where you can write on. Well, it's not just a plot I'll be creating but a plot for a marketable storybook.

Whether a story sells well enough or not depends on our story's plot. So, we all need to write on a plot that will find its way to the market. But, for your book to stand up in the crowd, you not only need a good plot, excellent writing skill or some 30+ years experience editor, but your book needs an eye-catching title and enticing subtitle.

With this gig, you will get:
  • A story plot with a detailed chapter wise description in 2500 words including character descriptions
  • A catchy title and subtitle. (Please buy my extra gig below for 5 choices of book titles or subtitles)
  • alluring Chapter title
  • Two endings to your story: ending with Resolving Action and Ambiguous Ending for sequels.

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Story plot for one book

I will create a story plot for one full-length Novel using 2500 words

  • Topic Research
  • Commercial Use
14 days delivery 1 Revision