I will create an original sonnet of any subject

create an original sonnet of any subject

About This Gig

Do you remember sonnets?  Fourteen lines of rhyming iambic pentameter, to be precise if you're following the format of a traditional English sonnet.  The rhyme scheme sounds childish if you've never tried, but the warm a loves heart if you word them just right.

I've written a fair share of sonnets and songs and I know that it's daunting to wait for the one.  But let me take over, let me find the words, I promise no subject can be undisturbed.  Rhyming's my niche, it's as easy as breathing, and the sonneted structure is like walking or eating.  I could outline the rules and compose in my sleep, but I know it's not easy to make them complete.

So if you've made it past my little bit of rhyme, I think I could be a valuable find.  I'll write you a sonnet in classical verse and then you can keep it, no muss, fuss, or purge.

   14 lines of iambic pentameter on the subject of your choice.

Please note that while most sonnets traditionally deal in the subject of love, that doesn't have to be the topic for this.  I've written an entire sonnet about textbooks before, so really the limitations of this gig are as far as you can imagine them.

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A sonnet

I will write one sonnet in the subject of your choosing.

  • Up to 100 Words